Acquire your second language on the go with native speakers

Ready to have some awkward conversations?

- If you want to learn English, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese, go to the App
- If you want to learn a different language join our waitlist to be updated when more languages are offered

What JuntoTalk IS
(or hopes to be over time)

Learning languages is hard. It can be frustrating, embarrassing, and humbling as you make mistakes along the journey. Embrace the awkwardness. There is no other way! Junto Talk provides the convenience and privacy of talking with native speakers in the location of your choice. We hope to be one part of the solution to your language learning journey. 


You can have one 15 minute conversation per day on the free version or unlimited conversations on the subscription plan. 

There are currently two plans. You can choose the free or subscription plan. Subscription service is $5 per month or $50 annually.  

The purpose of Junto Talk is to be a spontaneous way to practice and use your new second language skills. You don’t have to schedule or plan ahead. If you would like to talk longer, initiate as many calls as you would like.    

Anyone who is serious about aquiring a second language. 

Currently Junto Talk is only available as a web app. It can be added to your home screen for easy access.  

When you have a subscription plan or have a conversation with a paid subscriber, you’ll have access to prompts or a guided conversation. When two free users are paired in a call, they won’t have access to prompts, but can enjoy a conversation about whatever they would like. The pairing of callers is random and dependent on who is initiating calls. 

Junto means “together” in both Spanish and Portuguese. Junto Talk means talk together.  

There are no scheduled times to talk with other speakers and it is definitely more affordable. Junto Talk is not a language teaching service, but an on demand language exchange for those seeking second language acquisition conversations. 

Initially it may take a minute or two to connect to a native language speaker. In the near future the goal is to connect within 30 seconds. 

For now the calls are voice only. We are considering options for video calls in the future. 

Your name, phone number, email address, or physical location will not be shared with other speakers unless you tell them. Do not share this info with other speakers. You can use your real name or preferably an alias of your choosing under “display name” in the account section after you log into JuntoTalk.

Currently only English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish are being offered. Our goal is to eventually offer the majority of world languages. Join the waitlist (button above) to receive updates.

Under “Notification Settings” section/tab, select the method you want to receive notifications (email, or text). Push conversations won’t be available until later 🙂